Ramadan Treats Make An Appearance

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By Maram Sharif ’22

With Ramadan just around the corner, people who celebrate are buzzing with anticipation of all the Ramadan delicacies. Ramadan is a holy month that Muslims all over the world eagerly anticipate, counting down the days until they may greet it with open arms, fragrant homes, and a refrigerator stocked with tasty luxuries. 

Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during this month to become closer to God, reflect on their actions, and, most importantly, give back to their communities. The abundance of food that families always place on their table when they break the fast or eat the evening away is firmly connected with Ramadan for most Bahrainis. 

The paradox is part of the local culture, which encourages people to treat themselves with the best culinary delicacies they can find after a day of fasting. As a Bahraini, I am well-versed in all of the GCC countries’ delicacies. Let’s have a look at a few examples: 

The mainstay of a traditional Bahraini Iftar is Thareed, a particular combination of meat, veggies, traditional bread, and Arabic spices. Its carbs, fibers, proteins, and starches make it a nutritious choice, yet its popularity among the younger population is dwindling. Although I am not aware of many individuals my age who appreciate this meal, I am certain that many of our parents do.

Next, we have Harees, which are made from a mixture of dry wheat kernels and meat that has been boiled until it is soft enough to be whipped into a pudding-like texture. Harees is a time-consuming dish that is normally given only on special occasions, which is why people who fast enjoy being rewarded with it. 

Finally, Sambousa is a crowd-pleaser that can be consumed throughout the night. You’ve eaten twenty of these delicious crunchy bits before you realize it. It is a type of fried pastry that can be filled with meat, potatoes, or cheese. Make a unique dipping sauce on the side to amp up the flavor. 

While it is easy to get carried away munching all month on the awesome snacks that are associated with Ramadan, one must keep in mind the importance of devoting one’s time to spiritual discipline, worship and self-growth.

Photo Curtesy to visitdubai.com

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