The Frederick Gunn School Lunch Ranking

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By Peter Murphy ’24

Here at the Frederick Gunn School, our amazing dining hall staff works tirelessly to provide us with great food that keeps us going on with our day. They give us great varieties to choose from and always manage to make some of the best school lunch food imaginable. There is no comparison to my old public school and when it comes to which dining hall serves better food. The staff here are also much nicer and more caring. But on that note, what is the best school lunch that has been served to us at The Frederick Gunn School lately?

 At the number 5 spot for the best lunch that we have had at the Frederick Gunn School goes to the Sloppy Joe. The way it is prepared with curly fries was absolutely stupendous. The fourth spot goes to the hotdogs. With a great side of chili and cheese, this meal is a powerhouse, on our tier list. In third ranking, the Flank stake wins. We interviewed Mr. Drew about his opinion on the best lunches and here is what he said: “The flank steak is one of the best school lunches here at The Frederick Gunn school.” and that is how you know Mr. Drew’s taste is top tier. The second best lunch, undoubtedly, goes to the Iconic Cheese Burger. With a different variety of tasty condiments and toppings to choose from, it climbs at one of the best Frederick Gunn school lunches.

 But with all of these great school lunches, one tops all of them. The best school lunch at The Frederick Gunn School goes to the Spicy Chicken sandwich and you cannot disagree. This needs no explanation on how delicious it is. When served with different toppings and condiments as the cheeseburger, it is more a luxury to eat a chicken sandwich than any other school lunch. With that being said from a consumer’s view, we would like to send a big thanks to the kitchen staff that provide amazing food for community members of The Frederick Gunn School.

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