The 2022 Super Bowl

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by Peter Murphy ’24

This year’s superbowl has many words to describe itself. It was full of many ups and downs and had many different interesting parts to it. The Bengals and The Rams were in this year’s competition. 

The Bengals were a fan favorite around the world, particularly for how young the Bengals roster is and how talented they are. They also have a new quarterback fresh out of Louisiana State University. Joe Burrow made a huge impact for the Bengals this year with a total of 7,299 yards to his name for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 season. The Bengals also recently acquired Ja’marr Chase, a former teammate of Burrow’s at Louisiana State University. Ja’marr Chase has managed to get an impeccable 1,455 receiving yards for the Bengals in the 2021-2022 season.

Even with the talented players on the Bengals roster, they were still just no match for The Los Angeles Rams. The Super Bowl this year gave the Rams a home field advantage and is now the second consecutive Super Bowl team to win a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Last year the Buccaneers won in Tampa Bay. Many agree The Rams were very deserving of this win because of how many veteran players they have on their roster that have not gotten a Super Bowl ring (notably Matthew Stafford who was in purgatory with playing for The Detroit Lions.) 

The most intense emotion was shown by former Browns player, Odell Beckham Jr., as he broke into tears of joy on the sideline as the Rams were celebrating their win. Odell had just been able to score a touchdown for the Rams in the second quarter, but he was then injured while catching a pass. It turned out that he supposedly landed too hard on his left leg (that he previously tore his ACL on) that hurt his left knee.

Another interesting topic about the Super Bowl was the halftime show. This year’s halftime show was performed by Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Bilge, and Eminem. What was particularly interesting about this halftime show was how Eminem took a knee during the show. It was reportedly told that the NFL told Eminem not to do this, but as we saw, he did not comply. Eminem did this in honor of Former NFL player, Colin Kaepernick and for the BLM movement.

Overall, this year’s Super Bowl was an undeniable success with a great game and wonderful turn up of just under 70,000 people at the Rams’ new stadium. Joe Burrow and the Bengals will  undoubtedly look to strike again next year stronger and more prepared.

Odell Beckham Jr. cryong of joy as he wins the 2022 Super Bowl. Photo Curtesy by NBC

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