Wearing Shorts in the Winter

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By Peter Murphy’ 24

Here in Washington, Connecticut weather can get pretty cold. I don’t mean brisk, I mean cold. Whenever our Frederick Gunn School weatherman, Alex Johnson, tells us that it is 11 degrees but feels like -8 degrees outside, most people will do the normal thing and bundle up. Others are not so good at receiving information from a person with a microphone. 

Some people decide to wake up and choose violence. They decide to wear shorts.

 Now, don’t get me wrong, wearing shorts is perfectly fine. Wearing shorts inside of your dorm is perfectly fine. Wearing shorts during sports is perfectly fine. But wearing shorts when ice is forming underneath your shoes and snow is falling from the sky? You could possibly be losing blood circulation to your legs as well as my overall respect. We’re talking about wearing shorts in Washington, Connecticut during the winter. This should not be normalized. It can be harmful if you do it frequently enough. Save looking crazy, there is also the threat of serious frostbite.

Our very own Zachary Peng ‘23 was caught wearing shorts last night going to the gym in freezing weather. When we at the Highlander Newspaper asked him why he was doing this, he simply stated, “I feel comfortable this way”. 

In hopes to spread awareness about short wearing during Washington winters, I sought out our Director of Outdoor Programming, Mr. Fladager. In an interview, The Director of The Outdoors had this to say on the subject, “It shouldn’t be done. They are insane just like Iago”. 

Now here at the Frederick Gunn School, Wearing shorts in the winter is, if anything, a hot topic. The winter can ultimately be dull and dreary. Some try to conquer that by neglecting the cold weather…maybe a bit too much. I, like the Director of the Outdoors, would recommend bundling up for the next couple of cold months ahead of us and, keep looking forward to the bright, short–appropriate, spring ahead on the horizon.

Photo Curtesy by Peter Murphy ’24


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