FGS presents The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

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By Bridie Strowe- Bolger

After months of hard-work since mid-September, our 16-person cast presents the first TPACC performance since March, 2020. This will be the Connecticut premiere of Dwayne Hartford’s ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’, and FGS can’t be happier to open up Tisch Auditorium again.

Taking place over twenty years, from the 1920s to 40s, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane follows a small rabbit doll made of china, and focuses on the connections formed along the way. The doll is constantly endowed with love and loss from people around the world. This shows the importance of the things we say and the roles we play in others’ lives.

Led by Mr. Burnham, in his first year at FGS, the convincing cast put on a heart-wrenching production. Mr. Burnham has done a fantastic job creating a more dynamic Theatre Department. He encourages students, faculty, and families to use their imagination and delve deep into the world on stage. He challenges everyone to look inward on the connections they make, and notice how they see themselves and their effects on others. 

 It was only perfect for the debut 2021 play to be about human connection to bring us back together as a community.

“The play requires a lot of the audience to use their imagination,” said Mr. Burnham. “to go along for the journey, and to see themselves in Edward as well as the characters he meets along the way.”

The power of theatre is truly fantastic, evidenced by the genius of the simple journey of a small rabbit doll. Mr. Burnham believes “The theatre is a place for you to find yourself, to find your voice, and to discover. A place to make human connections with people who are accepting and open.”

He is entirely correct. The theatre is a place to connect, be true to our deepest selves, and to display the emotions that make us human.  We are learning to re-enter a changed society; to re-enter an age full of new discoveries in everything, including ourselves. While simple gatherings such as plays are important to accomplish this, they can also teach us infinite things about ourselves, and reflect the true power of theatre.

Photo Curtesy by Rebecca Tocci, Fine Art Photography


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