A brief Introduction to the Prefects of 2021-22

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By Avery Warren ’24

The Frederick Gunn School community elects eight students to perform the role of Prefects, who serve as the representatives of the entire student body, and are an embodiment of the school’s values. The Highlander would like to briefly characterize and introduce our Prefects: Eddie Rayhill, Liam Koval, Gavin Brown, Serdar Kaltalioglu, Alex Warren, Clara Prander, Ava Marti, and Yoyo Zhang.

Eddie Rayhill (Head Prefect)

Hometown: New Hartford, NY

Leadership Positions: Junior Class Representative, Captain of Varsity Soccer (2019-2021), Lacrosse Captain and Leader of Gray Club.

Accolades: Virginia Book Club Award

Co-curriculars: Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse

Goal for the School: To create a safe and welcoming culture for all students to excel.

Liam Koval

Age: 17

Hometown: New Preston, CT

Leadership Positions: Co-founder of  The Community Service Club and Football Captain (2021).

Accolades: Shereshewsky Award

Co-curriculars: Football, Lacrosse

Goal for School: To maintain a cohesive school environment 

Fun Fact: Mr. McMann was his CCD teacher in 4th grade

Gavin Brown

Age: 18

Hometown: Washington, CT

Leadership Positions: Leader of Investment Club, Captain of Baseball 

Accolades: Dean’s List

Co-curriculars: Life Fitness, Basketball and Baseball

Goal for School: To work with fellow prefects, student leaders, and students to bring back as many fun events and offerings as possible from our pre-covid times as well as create some new ones.

Why They Love FGS: The diverse yet tight-knit community 

Fun Fact: The radio in his car must always be set to an odd number

Favorite Animal: The bearded vulture 

PO Order: Chicken Winner

Serdar Kaltalioglu

Age: 17

Hometown: Newburgh, NY

Leadership Position: Cross Country Captain, Junior Class Representative, Green Club President and Poetry Club Co-Founder

Accolades: Hilman History Prize, Cum Laude

Co-curriculars: Cross Country,  maybe the Winter Musical and undecided for the spring term

Goal for School: To work on making our campus more sustainable and environmentally focused. He wants to push everyone to set ambitious goals for themselves and the community as a whole and continue setting a culture of respect for the planet.

Why They Love FGS: The community. He finds it  a place where we can get out of our comfort zone without too much pressure.

Fun Fact: Meghan the Stallion is currently his favorite artist

Favorite Animal: Hummingbird because it can fly backward

Alex Warren

Age: 17

Hometown: Ossining, NY

Leadership Position: Leader of BSU, Sophomore Class Representative

Accolades: Moral Leadership Prize

Co-curriculars: Life Fitness, Basketball and Winter Musical, Tennis

Goal for School: To unify the grades

Po Order: Iced Chai Latte

Clara Prander

Age: 18

Hometown: Dujsholm, Sweden

Leadership Position: Editor in Chief of the Highlander Newspaper

Accolade: Dean’s List

Co Curriculars: Life Fitness, Basketball and Tennis

Goal for School: Wants to bring the community closer together after a year of some people being remote and some on campus.  She also wants to make sure everyone feels at home as much as she does. 

Fun Fact: She has a twin brother back in Sweden

Favourite Animal: Her favourite animal are giraffes

Yoyo Zhang

Age: 18

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Leadership Positions: Co-Founder and Leader of Poetry Club

Accolades: School Poetry Prize, Cum Laude Society

Co-curriculars: Art

Fun Fact: Her favorite flower is sunflower

Favorite Animal: Her favorite animal is a panda because they have distinctive eyes

PO Order: Avocado BLT

Goal for School: Looking forward to meeting more people and listening to their stories. She is also excited to make the activities on campus more fun but in a safe and healthy way, especially during this pandemic. 

Why They Love FGS: It’s a warm and small community. Teachers here are willing to listen to you. She loves talking to her advisor Mr. Martin. She made a lot of friends at FGS. They are always here for her when she is sad. 

The selection of prefects this year demonstrates a solid moral foundation and exhibits leadership skills that will benefit our FGS community.

Photo Curtesy of FGS

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