A New Addition to Dubai’s Skyscrapers

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By Maram Sharif ’22

The mesmerizing buildings in Dubai have been the source of attraction for tourists all over the world. Every year, over 15 million tourists visit Dubai to see the buildings that reach the skyline in unique and intriguing ways. A new addition to the collection of the eye-catching skyscrapers is expected to go up by 2023: the Clothespin Tower.

The designer for the Clothespin Tower is the artist, Zygo. The Israeli artist plans to get this 170meters-tall skyscraper to be a symbol of  hope, eternal love, and peace. The Clothespin Tower represents love in the way its two halves intertwine to create a harmonic union. Half of the 50-floor tower is planned to serve a luxury hotel with 1,200 decorated rooms to offer a stay like no other. The other half  will offer 300 high-end apartments. Of course, this architectural aesthetic would not be complete without an extravagant 10,000 square meter shopping center, breathtaking art galleries, upscale restaurants, a glamorous spa, and a fitness center. 

Apart from all of the opulent facilities this tower will have to offer, the concept is what makes it stand out. The idea of two halves completing each other to form one is an idea that has not previously been executed in any of Dubai’s skyscrapers.  The concept is meaningful because it highlights a deep philosophical concept: how united and peaceful the UAE aims to have its relationships with the rest of the world. What Zygo is trying to achieve through this piece of art is to give the visitors an emotional experience like no other. He mentions that he wants the tourists to be “active part of the project, rather than passive viewers.” For so long, tourists have been offered a variety of skyscrapers to simply pass by and take pictures of. This building, however, will give the tourist the opportunity to be a part of the building and have a sense of self, according to Zygo. Will the building simply add its touch into the lively nightlife scene (like many of the current buildings) or will it achieve its higher goals? We should find out by 2023.

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