College Application Season Approaches

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By Maram Sharif ’22

As we approach the college applications season, it is easy to get stressed due to difficulties with balancing time between navigating senior year and applying to colleges. FGS seniors last year committed to a variety of colleges all over the country, including Cornell University, Northeastern University, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, Kenyon College, Bentley University and many more great schools. We interviewed two of our 2021 seniors to find out why they chose their university, what they are enjoying the most about their new school, and what advice they would give our future applicants. Here are their responses:

Lou-Victoria Etoundi Ntasama ‘21 attending Cottey College:

“I’m mostly enjoying being in a new environment and starting a new journey in my life. I am also really excited to be on the college golf team and to build new friendships. I would say that future applicants should make sure that you are enjoying the rest of your high school life because it will soon be over. But don’t be sad because there is a lot more coming. Take care of yourself and try to find the college that suits you the best.”

Arian Agadi ‘21  attending George Washington University:

“I chose GW due to the opportunity to study on the main campus in the city (Washington, DC). I also get to enjoy the experience of a rural campus with the University’s Mount Vernon campus – that is more quiet and is where the athletic facilities and a few dorms are located.”

He adds: “I’m really excited to be in a city! When I was younger, I lived in a large city in India. Then I was in a small town in Connecticut. I really like exploring new places and the perks cities have to offer.”

His advice to this year’s applicants, “It’s okay not to know where you are going yet! I only considered GW the day before the application deadline closed. For the longest time, I pictured myself attending a college in New England close to home.”

We are very fortunate to have such diligent and hardworking students that belong to our community. While college application season could be a stressful time of the life of many students, we hope hearing advice from these 2021 seniors is somewhat reassuring. It is important to put your well-being above everything else and take a moment every day to pause in the midst of what could be a chaotic day.

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