FGS Drama Society Presents Almost, Maine

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by Clara Prander

This year the FGS Drama Society presented the play Almost, Maine. Despite Covid-19 the school managed to put on a play, even though the crew and cast are a bit smaller. The entire school is very excited since this is the first play of the year. 

The play’s opening night was on Thursday, May the 19th and had a second show Saturday, May the 22nd that was also live-streamed. It’s the second ever show in TPACC, and because of Covid, only 81 people could fit at the same time. The cast consists of 5 students and behind the scenes, we have the crew with 6 people, as well as the creative team with 3 faculty members.  

Almost, Maine is originally a play by John Cariani first presented in 2004. The play lets us follow eight short plays that explore love and loss in a town, that’s not really a town, called Almost, in Maine. The eight short segments all take place approximately the same 10 minutes, on a cold night during winter in Almost, Maine. 

The actors all did an amazing job taking on the different characters and their personalities. The two seniors of the cast, Drew Sutherland and Erin Ryan, have both been in several other plays during their time at FGS, and this performance did not let us down. For Quentin Sheers’22 it was his first play here at our school and his debut was very good. Audrey Richards’23 is another student that has been participating in many other plays here. One of her roles was Shelly, and she played it very well. For Emma Smith’22 it was her first play, but she has been working with three other productions at FGS. The community at FGS was all very impressed with how good the play and the actors were. Who knew we had so many talented actors here at our school?

The setting was beautifully built and really well made. The stage crew, Ursula Anderson´22, Allison Bruck´22, Serdar Kaltalioglu´22, and Kate O’Farrell´22 all put on their best work to make all the props. The customer, Lucy Sanchez’23, picked out outfits that were all very fitting to the scene. Acadia Johnson´21 was the stage manager and did an outstanding job at managing the group. 

The final show really showed how much hard work and dedication all the people involved in the play had put into it. The outcome was fantastic, and we are so grateful that they were able to put on a play for us this last term of the year. Thanks to Mrs. Archer for directing it, Ms. Brush for being Assistant Director.

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