An Astrological Look at the Spring Term

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by Ava Lee

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As a whole, 2021 has some very impressive and powerful astrological predictions to be seen throughout the year. Specifically, for the next five weeks the astrological aspects will play a major impact in our life on campus as we finish out the year. 

To start off, earlier in the spring term, on April 3rd, Mercury entered Aries. For those of you reading that have no idea what that means or just simply do not believe it’s anything at all, when a planet enters into the same section of the sky as an astrological sign, that planet is now “in” or “entering” the correlating astrological sign. With Mercury in Aries, communication is more direct, fast, and edgy. Mercury is the planet of communication; Mercury also represents youthful energy, which goes along well with Aries. Aries is the youngest sign out of all the zodiac signs, so the youthful energy of both Mercury and Aries goes well together. So during this time of Mercury in Aries, the school likely felt it was easy to get their point across in an efficient manner. The downside, however, of Mercury in Aries, is the immature tendencies that are likely to come up throughout this time. Eventually, on April 19th, Mercury entered Taurus for more grounded communication.

This entire month, most major placements spent a lot of time in Aries. This means two things: the first is that we are all being affected by the Aries placements in different ways depending on our own charts, and the second is that a baby who was born in mid-April likely has an alarming amount of Aries in their chart. Another major Aries transit was the Aries new moon on April 11th. A new moon is just based off of the moon phases and then the astrological component is based off of where the moon is in relation to the astrological constellations. I always tell people, “why wouldn’t the moon affect us if we’re 70% water and the moon controls the tides?” The moon rules our emotions, which is why people often find they relate to their moon sign on a deep level. The new moon in Aries brought on passionate energy and allowed us to follow our true intentions. 

On April 14th, Venus entered Taurus, which is where it will stay until May 8th. This means that for four weeks, with Taurus in its ruling planet, Venus, we have a loving sense of feeling at home that we can reflect on to others. There is a sense to be more generous and caring towards the people around us, so it’s likely you will hold the door for someone or help your peers out in class. On May 8th, when Venus enters Gemini, we will start to look for more energy and fast-paced situations for ourselves. Despite feeling much more flighty and airy than when Venus is in Taurus, Gemini in Venus is a great time for exploration and curiosity. When Venus transits to Gemini while we are finishing up the school year, students will likely be looking for any adventure to cure their restless minds. 

On April 19th, the Sun and Mercury entered Taurus. With the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all in Taurus, this time is often referred to as a “cuffing season.” We all feel grounded or the need to become grounded. This sensation is heavy for those who have Taurus placements in the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, or a rising Taurus. Coming right out of Aries season, the beginning of Taurus season makes us all feel especially tired because of the bright, social, immature, and excitable energy we feel throughout Aries season. I will say, an unusual amount of students and teachers complained of exhaustion the first few days of Taurus season. 

To take a break from all of the Earth sign placements and transits, on April 23rd, Mars enters Cancer. This transit sparks some very major emotions until June 11th, after we leave campus. It can be expected that during these six weeks, there is an unusual amount of “teenage” attitudes, or easily triggered feelings. With Mars in Cancer for the rest of the school year, seniors are sure to show their true emotions during graduation. 

On April 26th, we have a full moon in Scorpio. This is an extremely powerful transit in astrology. If you are a scorpio moon or rising, definitely pay attention to this. The full moon in Scorpio is all about bringing up the past trauma you buried deep inside and pushed down. Specifically for Scorpio moons and risings, this is a tendency you find yourself doing far too often. The week of the full moon, everyone will likely feel exhausted and struggle to get a good night’s sleep for the few nights before, during, and after. It would be smart to take this time laying up at night to journal or write out your deepest thoughts for you to find peace with.

Following the full moon in Scorpio, on May 11th, there will be a new moon in Taurus. The new moon in Taurus increases our patience, or at least makes you realize why you need it. Use this time to create a vision board for all of your future successes, as the new moon in Taurus allows for powerful manifestations regarding abundance and money. This transit will have a large impact on Taurus moons. Those with that placement can prepare to feel intensified emotions or the urge to make a day-by-day plan for the next few months. 

Just two days after the new moon in Taurus, the manifestation attitude is followed up by Jupiter entering Pisces. When this transit occurs on May 11th, we will feel new urges to grow, expand, and dream. Jupiter is the planet that represents our growth and visions. Pisces is the astrological sign that often relates to dreaminess and creativity. Combined together for Jupiter in Pisces, the transit will encourage all of us to go forth into new ventures with a positive attitude. There is also a high chance of experiencing “beginners luck” when you try something new; so, go ahead and aim high with a brand new sport or talent. 

The final sun transit of the spring term will be when the Sun enters Gemini on May 20th. This means that for the last few weeks of school, we will feel more social, curious, and lighthearted than we did the previous few weeks. Sun in Gemini offers great opportunities for us to make each other laugh and share with each other the topics we find the most interesting. Expect some loud energy from your gemini or gemini rising friends.  

Next up, on May 26th, there will be a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. As I previously explained for the Scorpio and Taurus moon placements, this is particularly important for those with a Sagittarius rising or Sagittarius moon. Any Sagittarius transit brings out an adventurous edge, but this time needs to be used for finishing up all of your projects. This is a great time to work on final projects and papers. 

The final major transit we will see in the spring term is when Mercury goes into retrograde in Gemini. This is for sure a scary one. Many people hear the term “Mercury in retrograde,” but what does that even mean? Essentially, a retrograde occurs when a planet looks like it is travelling backwards in the sky. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. When Mercury goes into retrograde while also in Gemini, all communication goes south. This is the time when you need to double check your alarms, charge your phone, and be as clear as possible across all forms of communication. I do not want to sound pessimistic, but it would not surprise me if a microphone or two goes out at graduation. 

For the next few weeks, remind yourself to stay attuned with your inner thoughts to ensure self-growth and self-exploration. Also, if you want to find out your own birth chart to find out which transits will impact you the most, or the Astro Charts app are a great way to do so.

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