The Truth About Positive COVID Cases on Campus: American Politics and the 2020 Election

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image via ABC News

by Drew Sutherland ’21

As all of us know, many members of our community have tested positive for COVID-19, sparking yet another epidemic on campus: students leaving early for break. It leaves me to wonder: is this story as simple as it seems, or are there darker forces in play?

Having put my life in danger multiple times in the past weeks researching this piece, I have found countless pieces of evidence that will change the way you look at not just the pandemic, but The Frederick Gunn School, and even the very nature of American politics. 

I began my research by wondering how in fact the virus came to campus. I know that all students have obviously been properly following COVID protocols, so there must have been only one method of transmission: unwanted visitors to campus. While still on-campus, I planted many hidden cameras in public areas around campus that would stream live to my laptop. What I saw will shock you all.

The cameras caught Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other members of the Democratic Party entering campus without masks, and using printers to print hundreds of what looked like Connecticut ballots. I was shocked, because before I could take a picture of this massive revelation, the screen went static. He must have been prepared and used some sort of camera-jamming technology, or it might just have been the school’s WiFi. This is how I believe COVID came to campus: during these nightly Democratic intrusions, the virus was left on campus for those unfortunate enough to inhale it. 

Suddenly, everything made sense. President Trump was correct in his prediction. The Democratic Party was commiting mass amounts of voter fraud, literally occuring right under our noses here at The Frederick Gunn School. The media was lying, and voter fraud is far easier to commit than it seems. It was all fitting together, like pieces of a puzzle. They must know that there is a minimal amount of printing happening on campus, so they wished to capitalize on a surplus of paper and unused printers in Connecticut boarding schools.  In my opinion, The Democratic party was intelligent in their decision to print ballots for the state of Connecticut. The historically red Connecticut always needs one thing: more votes for Democratic candidates. 

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