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Live Like Fred Program

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By Lou-Victoria Etoundi Ntsama ’21

As more students continue to arrive on campus, The Frederick Gunn School has an incredible project for this new school year. After first changing the name of the school by honoring the founder, our school carries on with the continuation of Mr. Gunn’s values. When he created this school, one of his main ideas was to reconnect the students with nature. That’s why he really liked camping trips, stargazing, and other activities immersed in nature where students could enjoy time together as a community.

This year, students will try to connect more with Frederick’s Gunn’s life through walks, firepits, camping, etc. It is a very exciting experience for everyone on campus. A lot of people are discovering and learning new things about The Frederick Gunn School from 200 years ago. Thanks to this project, students will definitely build good memories with their peers.

Our Newspaper interviewed a new student in the  11th grade from Bahrain, Maram Sharif:

“It was definitely a unique experience because I’ve never been camping before, especially in such cold weather. I absolutely underestimated how freezing it would be! Nonetheless, it was a very fun experience. We started off the night by making a firepit and having s’mores. Our attempt at making popcorn was a big failure. We had the spirit but the wrong execution. Lou and I went to our tents and watched a movie together. Overall, it was really nice being surrounded by nature. I’d do it again but in warmer weather!”

With the Live Like Fred program, our students are able to escape from the stress and connect with nature. Those outdoor activities help the spirit of the school and of our founder continue shining.

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