Meet the 2020-21 Prefects

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By Robin Wright ’22

Despite COVID-19, the mechanisms of The Frederick Gunn School are still very much in place. One example of this is the prefects and their essential role in our school. Last year Josh Novick, Declan Long, Eujin Shin, Jon Nichele, Anjavie Thompson, Jack Gleason, and Ellie McManus were elected prefects of The Frederick Gunn School 2020-2021. 

The duties of the prefects typically are to organize events such as School Meeting, act as a mediator between the administrators and students, and foster inclusiveness. This year, the prefects have a much more rigorous and novel schedule because of Covid-19 with virtual school meetings, and all the extra measures the school is taking to stay safe and positive. 

Declan Long has been at The Frederick Gunn School for three years. Throughout his time here, he was a secretary of Gunn Society, Junior class representative, a member of the student activities committee, and a member of the Gray Party. Along with these campus contributions he is on the varsity soccer and baseball teams. 

Josh Novick is a four year senior from Long Island NY, captain of the cross country team and Head Prefect. He’s a recipient of the Teddy Award, a member of the Spanish Honors Society, a co-leader for the Mathletes, and an avid participant in both lacrosse and cross country. Personally, he enjoys reading and swimming. 

Jack Gleason is a four year senior from North Carolina. He finished at top of his class Freshman year and was a recipient of the Guy Richards Harvey scholarship. He enjoys fishing, woodworking, and golfing. 

Anjavie Thompson is another four year senior from Waterbury CT. In the past, she’s been a class representative, JV Field Hockey captain, and head Card for the Card and Grey program. Mostly, throughout her time here, she has participated in different clubs such as BSU, Media Club, and the Social Media Club. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with friends in local Waterbury hot spots. 

Eujin Shin is a two-year senior. She is from Michigan and enjoys running, lacrosse, playing the violin, and watching movies. In her short time here, she has been on the Dean’s List and was on the undefeated girls cross country team last year. 

Ella McKhann is a two-year senior. She is originally from Vermont. During her time here, she has been the Varsity Ski Team captain, a recipient of the Trinity College book award, and made Dean’s List. She plays lacrosse and is a ski racer. Aside from sports, her hobbies include spending time in nature. 
Jon Nichele is a four year senior from Connecticut.  In his four years here, he remained an active member of the community. He has avidly played lacrosse throughout his time here and was a recipient of the Jefferson Award. The prefect roles and schedules are mildly different, but the intent and function is primarily the same.

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