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3-2-1 Athletic Program

Photo via SmugMug Galleries

By Josh Novick ’21

As The Frederick Gunn School kicked off its 2020 school year, there was much uncertainty around the requirements involving athletic participation on campus.

Many individuals stayed home to participate in sports outside of school, while others questioned when the gym would open as we waited on our COVID-19 results, but as of now, we are working together to stay safe and appreciate the facilities. Communication dating to August relieved everyone’s concerns and addressed the issue that would change the way boarding and regular schools would interact with each other. 

Many individuals have been in favor of the 3-2-1 program as noted in the anonymous survey. One student shared, “I did Field Hockey and Mind and Body, so after doing sprints and a lot of body movement in Field Hockey, Mind and Body kept me moving my body while relaxing. It really balances me out.” 

Another member of the community also showed affection for the new program. “I love the way that every day is something new. You need to use different sets of skills with some overlap.” Many individuals had fewer issues with soreness and injuries as they trained different muscles throughout the afternoons. 

However, many were and are still conflicted about the 3-2-1 program and feel the time away from fall sports is unfair and confusing. One individual noted, “I miss having longer practices, and I miss having an entire season to focus on one sport. My senior field hockey season is now 40-minute practices only three times a week rather than 90-minute practices six times a week. I feel as though I am missing out on skill, opportunities, and fun”

Although the reviews are mixed, the 3-2-1 does a great job of allowing kids to get outside and continue to play sports, a privilege that some other schools don’t quite have. The FGS community is nearing the endpoint of the fall term in sports and overall students have been pleased with the new arrangement.

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