The Gunnery’s 10th Annual Play4TheCure Game

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By Ava Lee ’21

This year on October 30, The Gunnery’s field hockey team hosted its 10th annual Play4thecure game. The Gunnery’s field hockey coaches, varsity players, junior varsity players, and many others around campus worked hard to raise money for the National Foundation for Cancer Research and make it a great event.

Every year, the field hockey team and head field hockey coach, Ms. Nongera, select a target goal for how much money they hope to raise for the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Last year, the goal was to raise $2,900, but they ended up raising $4,094. This year, the goal was to raise $4,200.

Image by Ava Lee ’21

The players are heavily involved in raising money for the game. Last year, Laura Wells ‘19 sold bracelets and necklaces. Since they were very popular with students, they decided to do it again this year: Katherine Cortese ‘21 took the lead in “Beads Beat Cancer,” where the team sold necklaces with a cancer ribbon charm for $8, a plain necklace for $7, a bracelet with a charm for $6, and a plain bracelet for $5  

When asked for comment, Cortese said, “fundraising is going great! The fundraiser so far is a huge success and it warms my heart to see our hard work paying off. From the jewelry, to the t-shirts, to the sponsorships, everyone working together is making this year’s fundraiser a smashing success.” 

The team also sold grey and white t-shirts. Students and faculty bought the shirt that coordinates with the team they will be supporting. 

At the game, the team also held a bake sale. The bake sale is a fun way to raise money and provide snacks for everyone watching the game. Students and faculty were encouraged to support the cause by helping out and making food for the bake sale. 

The Play4TheCure split the varsity field hockey team in to two groups, a grey and a white team. The girls on the team were in charge of choosing boys to sponsor; they encouraged people to donate money in their names. The boys who raised the most money got to play in the game or be cheerleaders. After they raised the money, the girls divided them into two teams.

Photo by Ava Lee ’21

One of the four captains, Grace Genest ‘20 said, “With this game we hope that we are able to raise money and lots of awareness for all types of cancers, all while making sure everyone has tons of fun!”

The game was on Tuesday, October 30; lots of students and faculty came out to support! The grey team won the game, 3-1ended with a 3-1 win; everyone who bet on the grey team will now get a dress down day. The field hockey team was very excited and was happy to get the whole community involved in this event. They hoped to raise even more money than last year; which they did: this year, they raised a total of $8,033.85.The girls are all very happy with the results and can not wait for next year! 

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