Astrology Feature: Scorpio Season

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By Ava Lee ’21

On October 23rd, Scorpio season officially started; this is the 8th zodiac sign, and it spans until November 22nd. 

The Scorpio’s Zodiac Sign. Drawn by Ava Lee ’21

Scorpio is a water sign. There are three water signs in total: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. Water sign characteristics are emotionally intense, intuitive, and seek acceptance. Unlike fire signs, water signs experience sensitivity in relationships due to their empathetic side. describes water signs as “psychic vampires,” showing just how intuitive they are.

Water signs really try to feel for other people; so if your teacher is a water sign, try to appeal to that teacher’s emotions while telling them your excuse for why you didn’t do your homework. 

More specifically, Scorpios tend to be loyal, passionate, intense, dynamic, and protective. If your birthday is between October 23 to November 22nd you most likely notice some or most of these traits in yourself. Being born within these dates makes you a sun sign Scorpio. Unlike the other water signs—Cancer and Pisces—Scorpios are not afraid of the dark places; this is perfect for the spooky time of year they are born in. Emotionally, they like to go deeper and darker than any other sign. Scorpios are very selective in what they get involved in because they like to give their whole heart to one activity. 

Although Scorpios have many great qualities, they have some negative ones as well. While it can be a good thing to give their heart to one enterprise, it can become a compulsive obsession.

Other negative scorpio traits are stubbornness, secrecy, and quick temperedness. An unevolved, meaning younger and less experienced Scorpios will experience mostly negative traits, whereas evolved Scorpios will experience positive traits. 

Currently, the sun is passing through the Scorpio segment of the sky. Scorpio is an astrology sign ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto: Mars is the planet aligned with the Scorpio segment, and it represents war and forcefulness. Those who are ruled by Mars feel a pull to influence people and to venture out of the norms. As a Scorpio, it is best to keep yourself motivated for the next year!

Non-Scorpios should notice some changes in their attitude with the start of Scorpio season. People will be challenged to wake up and look closely at their current situation. Use this time to consider giving in to the inevitable change rather than constantly fighting. 

For every zodiac sign, a terrifying shift happened a few days after the start of the new season: on October 31st, Mercury went into retrograde, and it is only fitting that this phenomenon started on Halloween. Occurring three times a year, Mercury being in retrograde means that the planet appears to be moving backwards. In astronomy, this is referred to as ‘apparent retrograde motion’. From our perspective on Earth, Mercury seems to be standing still and then moving backwards during those three times of the year.

Until November 20th, expect the unexpected. Double and triple check everything you do. Technology is one of the main things impacted by Mercury being in retrograde, so anticipate that the printers will be backed up, that your wifi will go out unexpectedly, and that Highlander Nation won’t load any of your assignments. So many aspects of your everyday life will seem to go backwards, just like Mercury. 

Some final advice to all the signs: keep a clear mind through the next few weeks as Mercury goes through retrograde. Never rely on technology too much, and try your best to navigate through the tricks of Mercury. To Scorpios specifically, use your intuition to your advantage and make positive connections.

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