Astrology Feature: Libra Season

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By Ava Lee ’21

Libra season is officially here! It started September 24th and goes until October 23rd; if you were born within these dates, you are a Libra.

The Official Sign of the Libra, a Scale
Drawn by Emily Bello ’21

When somebody tells you you are a Libra, it means more specifically that you are a sun sign Libra; sun sign placements are given to you based on the season during which you were born. Sun sign Libras tend to be artistic, indecisive, polite, communicative, and they love to be in pairs; sun sign Libras also tend to seek knowledge and socialization. The symbol for Libra is scales, symbolizing the justice they strive for. 

Libra is an astrology sign ruled by Venus. This means that the Libra constellation lines up with the planet Venus. Venus represents love, light, and beauty; so don’t be surprised if your Libra friends carry these traits. Since Libra is an air sign, they are interested in communicating, higher level thinking, and flowing through life with a good attitude. 

Libra season is the seventh out of twelve astrological seasons. Scientifically speaking, when a new season starts, that sun sign placement lines up with the sun. Although Libras are primarily impacted by new seasons, the 11 other signs also notice some changes in their attitude. According to, the new Libra season reminds every sign to align their personalities and seek justice in the world around them. So, if you wrongfully received a point, now is the time to fight it. For the Libra, with the start of your season, a sense of balance and compromise will be best for you. 

For all The Gunnery Libra students, focus on the bigger picture of your goals, such as your grades, athletics, and maybe even your life beyond The Gunnery. If thinking about your future makes you uneasy, talk to loved ones for support. With the new moon energy causing you to seek compromise, don’t give up what is important to you. Remember to be decisive while in tough situations, such as, nights full of homework and tiring six day weeks; prioritize your tasks in scenarios like those. 

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