Meet the 2019/20 Highlander Newspaper Staff

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By Juliette Gaggini ’20

Mr. Visentin: Newspaper Teacher and Faculty Advisor 

Rhinebeck, New York

Mr. Visentin

Along with teaching Newspaper, Mr. Visentin is an English teacher, Rowing Coach, the editor of the school literary magazine, the Stray Shot, and a dorm parent in Bourne dorm. In his free time, Mr. Visentin enjoys reading, writing, watching classic movies, and playing the guitar. Mr. Visentin is very musically motivated, as he is also teaching himself the violin. Although he enjoys music, he also loves silent movies. In preparation for a good day, Mr. Visentin starts off each morning with a cup of coffee and a nice jazz record.

Harry Sutton: Editor 

Harry Sutton ’20

Woodbury, Connecticut 

Harry Sutton is a four year senior and four year member of the Highlander Newspaper staff. Harry was one of the founding members of the Newspaper Club two years ago! In the fall, you can catch Harry on the soccer field, and in the Winter as an actor in the school musical. Harry has also been part of the frisbee team in the Spring and has won Frisbee States both in his Freshman and Sophomore year. Harry loves dogs and watching movies.

Juliette Gaggini: Editor

Juliette Gaggini ’20

Washington, Connecticut 

Juliette is very excited to be a co-editor of the Highlander Newspaper this year! It is her fourth year at The Gunnery and second year as part of the newspaper staff. In the Fall and Spring terms she is on the rowing team, and in the Winter she does Mind & Body! She also started the French Club last year and is excited to continue with it this year. Juliette’s favorite musician is Harry Styles and she enjoys long walks on the beach. 

Harry Harwood

Harry Harwood ’20

Woodbury, Connecticut 

Harry Harwood is a four year senior and three year writer for the Highlander Newspaper. Harry runs cross country in the Fall term and does a track ISP in the Winter term. Harry is also part of the new organization on campus that bridges together young Democrats and Republicans, the Gray Party. In his free time, Harry likes watching classic movies. His favorite sports team is the New York Yankees.

Savannah Popick

Savannah Popick ’20

South Windsor, Connecticut 

Savannah Popick is a four year senior at The Gunnery, and it is her second year writing for the Highlander Newspaper. Savannah loves playing hockey, soccer, and lacrosse! She is an avid advocator for the French Club, and her favorite sports team is the Boston Red Sox. Savannah loves the Jonas Brothers (and she is a total Joe girl). 

Ava Lee

Kent, Connecticut 

Ava Lee ’21

Ava Lee is a three year Junior, and it is her first time writing for the Highlander Newspaper. In the Fall and Spring term she does crew, and in the Winter she does Mind & Body. This year, Ava is the manager of the Green Club! Ava loves dogs, yoga, and Rihanna. In her spare time Ava enjoys studying people’s zodiac signs. She also loves the chocolate chip cookies in the dining hall!

Lou-Victoria Etoundi Ntsama 

Lou Etoundi Ntsama ’21

Yaounde, Cameroon

This is Lou’s first year here at The Gunnery. In the Fall she is playing field hockey, in  the Winter basketball, and in the Spring she is playing golf. Lou is also part of the French Club! In her free time Lou loves to golf, discover new food, to read, and to dance!

Jayla Stack 

Waterbury, Connecticut

Jayla Stack ’21

This is Jayla Stack’s third year at The Gunnery. Jayla wrote for her middle school newspaper, and is now excited to be part of the Highlander staff! Jayla does crew in the Fall and Spring, and plays JV basketball in the Winter. This year, Jayla is one of the heads of BSU and is also a leader in the new Student Activities group. This is also Jayla’s second year being an RA. Jayla’s favorite band is Brockhampton and she is a Slytherin. 

Emma Smith 

Bethlehem, Connecticut 

Emma Smith ’22

This is Emma’s second year at The Gunnery. She plays field hockey in the Fall, participates in the Winter musical, and plays softball in the Spring! Her favorite shows to watch are Friends and Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite animal is the polar bear, and her absolute favorite food is tacos.

Emily Bello 

Emily Bello ’21

Greenwich, Connecticut 

This is Emily’s second year at The Gunnery and first year on the Highlander Newspaper staff. Emily’s favorite sport is hockey, but she also enjoys rowing on the crew team in the Fall and playing softball in the Spring. Emily loves having Bitmoji parties on Snapchat, and loves playing tennis and hiking. Emily also loves playing chess, and is promoting a chess club on campus.

Kate O’Farrell 

Kate O’Farrell ’22

Sherman, Connecticut 

This is Kate O’Farrell’s second year at The Gunnery, and first year writing for the school newspaper. In the Fall term she plays field hockey, in the Winter she does the musical, and in the Spring she plays tennis. Kate’s favorite movie is Monster House and her favorite TV show is The Office. She loves listening to music in her free time, and her all time favorite book is The Outsiders. 

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