A Preview of The Gunnery Drama Society’s Production of Backstage

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By Kate O’Farrell ’22

In the fall of 2019, The Gunnery Drama Society will present Backstage, a comedy play by Pat Cook. The play is set to debut on November 7, 2019, in Emerson Performing Arts Center (EPAC), starring the likes of Max Farrar ‘21, Izzie DiGiacomo‘20, and Travis Powell ‘20.

The Cast Hard at Work
Image Courtesy of Acadia Johnson ’21

Backstage is a play that takes place in the backstage of a play (hence the title), where the lead of said play dies on the opening night and instead of telling anyone they continue to put on the play. An unsuspecting understudy, played by Travis Powell ‘20,  now needs to do his best at pretending to imitate the newly deceased star. Despite the morbid premise, the play shows all the funny, crazy shenanigans that the cast goes through to put on the play on opening night. The lead character is Max (played by Max Farrar ‘21), a superstitious stage manager, who wants the play to go on perfectly. Max has been involved in numerous Drama Society productions including “You Can’t Take It With You” and “Young Frankenstein” last year. He plays a promising role in the drama society and a great choice for the lead of the play. 

Sam Schreiber ’20 and Izzie DiGiacomo ’20 intensely practicing a scene
Image Courtesy of Acadia Johnson ’21

The cast and crew of this year’s play is a group of many diverse characters, a five-member stage crew, and two amazing directors. Ms. Albright said she chose to be the assistant director because she gets “to help students find success on the stage.” Some of the cast and crew have been a part of the drama society before, while some are completely new. Alex Zhang ‘20 has been in multiple previous productions in the Drama Society such as “You Can’t Take It With You” and “Young Frankenstein.” She is playing Mercedes, a pompous, aging actress in the play. Izzie DiGiacomo ‘20 plays Polly, the young assistant director of the play who helps the cast and crew come together in the end. Izzie says that she enjoys the play and working alongside the cast and crew.

Izzie also said that “remembering lines can be a bit tough,” which is a common struggle for the entire cast. They all said practicing lines can be a great way for them to get over this quandary. Another difficulty that Ms. Albright mentioned was “coordinating play practices with multiple team practices,” due to the number of students that are walk-ons and are committed to other sports teams that hold practices at the same time as the play.

The Gunnery Drama Society invites all students, faculty, family, and friends to come to see the play in the Lemcke Theater of the Emerson Performing Arts Center between November 7th, 8th, and 9th at 7:00 P.M.

The Highlander highly suggests going to see the play because it is a wonderful production and a great way to support The Gunnery’s theatrical community.

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