Breaking Up With a Show

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By Rain Ji ’19

On January 10, 2019, I sat at my desk ready to start some homework. Pulling out my phone, I opened Instagram to check if anyone has posted anything new. My heart sank the moment I saw the account “crimmindscbs” posted a picture with a caption that said “Season 15 will be our epic final season.” So here I am, writing Criminal Minds a break-up letter that I never wanted to write.

Dear Criminal Minds,

I’m not sure what to say. I’m sad. I’m wrecked inside. I’m shocked by the fact that you are leaving. Watching you before I go to bed has become part of my routine. Every night the familiar intro music brings me to different states to solve crimes with the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).   

The hard part is forgetting all the memories we share. We met on a beautiful fall night. I sat in the living room, confused by the bizarre nature of the story that you told. I was 8, too young to understand your sophistication. But I think with the help of my mom, we started seeing each other more regularly.

It was a long time before I began to truly appreciate your beauty. I didn’t fall in love with you until many years later. Language used to be a barrier between us. I couldn’t understand you very well without the help of others. But for you, I learned English. I wouldn’t have done that for anyone else. As we met more often, we began to communicate better. Even though you speak obscure English vocabs, such as “forensic countermeasure” or “septicaemia,” I began to understand you more. Your stories are amazing no matter how many years have passed, and I always feel a chill run down my spine whenever a member of the BAU is in danger.

We’ve cried together: when Spencer Reid was caught and thrown in prison, when Aaron Hotchner entered WITSEC and when Emily Prentiss was demoted from Unit Chief position. We’ve laughed together: when David Rossi returned to BAU, when Penelope Garcia met Kevin Lynch, or when Derek Morgan finally found his love of life.

I will miss you terribly. I want to scream at you and tell you how much I want you to come back to me. But I know that nothing will change your mind about leaving. It’ll take time but I’m sure that as time passes, I’ll find others. In fact, I’ve already been seeing someone.

Love you always,

Rain Ji

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