Spring Stressors

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By Paige Jackson ’24

With the end of the school year comes endless stress, deadlines, and decisions, but it also brings the soon-to-be promise of freedom. Unfortunately, That excitement is masked by the boatload of stress that precedes it. AP tests, finals, college decisions, SATS and ACTs, and graduation are putting a lot of pressure on students. It can be overwhelming, and finding balance is important this spring.

On boring weeknights, when you’ve either finished your work or just need a break, there are a plethora of options for entertainment. For instance, you could head down to the turf for some classic turf ball, which is just any sport that could be played with the materials available. We’re talking tennis-baseball, soccer, handball, spikeball, whatever you want. For seniors, try out quad ball.

In May, we have prom and the spring carnival to look forward to. Unfortunately, for underclassmen, the prom is exclusive to juniors and seniors. For upperclassmen who are curious, however, the prom will be enchanted night themed at a nearby hotel venue in Southbury. After the prom, there will be an event yet to be revealed. 

There are some unknown events that we could possibly see in the near future, such as Water Wars, a casual spring dance, and maybe the completion of some construction on campus. I think we are all impatiently awaiting the end of the continuous noise, which is, fingers crossed, in the very near future.

Towards the end of our 2022-2023 academic year, there will be classic celebrations and events. These include convocation, prize night, spring dinners, the Gunn Run, Clash of Colors, and sports finales. Spring long weekend, or for some, parents’ weekend, is almost upon us as well. 

Obviously, there are some very important and stressful things to come, but it is vital for students and staff to find joy between the anxious moments and sustain personal happiness. No matter how your finals, AP tests, standardized testing, or college decisions play out, know you always have a supportive and loving community at Gunn ready to help you. 

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