Benefit Makeup Review

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By Paige Jackson ’24

What are the benefits to wearing Benefit Cosmetics makeup? Let’s talk about the Benetint, 24 Hour Clear Brow Setter, and Roller Lash, and whether or not these products are worth your money. 

Benetint is Benefit’s multipurpose face tint that can be used for cheeks and lips. It is a clear dark pink/purple liquid with a watery consistency and a light fragrance. Some people love Benetint for its lasting blush effect, but many argue that this isn’t always a good thing. Benetint can be hard to remove and often leaves a stain, which some people might enjoy while others do not. It is also extremely thin, and when applied to the face, can run excessively. Despite these flaws, the product has become extremely popular among beauty influencers on Tiktok. But to me, this product isn’t worth $21. It can be replaced by any old blush or tinted lip balm.

The 24 Hour Clear Brow Setter has also blown up on the internet for its lasting hold, but it also faces critique. When the set brows are ruffled after drying, they can lose their hold. When the gel dries, it also occasionally crumbles and flakes off. However, for the first few hours of wear the setter holds up great and looks flawless. While the applicator is a little small and there isn’t very much product in the bottle, the product will last for months of wear and is easy to apply. In my experience, this product is worth the 26 dollars.

If you’ve ever watched a single Tiktok created by new internet sensation, Alix Earle, you will have certainly heard of Benefit Roller Lash. Her videos have started a craze for the mascara, due to how amazing her lashes look. But is that because of her violent lash curling method? Or is Roller Lash truly that amazing? Benefit mascara have been renowned in the past, with They’re Real also having its moment in the spotlight. The Roller Lash mascara is an average price, coming in at 28 dollars. It claims to hold curl and lengthen well, and most users agree. However, it might not be worth the money, as there are plenty of dupes that do the same thing.

All in all, Benefit has decent makeup for a decent price. It should also be known that Benefit Cosmetics is not cruelty free. Some Benefit products are vegan, but Benefit is not 100% vegan as a brand. In an age of sustainable and cruelty free cosmetics, Benefit is lagging behind. 

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