Top Scholars of 2021-2022

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By Gloria Wang ’23

Meet our Top Scholars ’21-’22!

Chris Wang

Can you please briefly introduce yourself? 

My name is Chris Wang and I am from Beijing, China. I will be 20 in January, but I am still 19 right now, probably the oldest on campus. I am a three-year senior and I am a prefect this year. I enjoy singing, painting, playing tennis, and reading.

What was your favorite class this year? Why?

My favorite classes this year are the Philosophy seminar and AP Lit. Because I can get engaged in conversations and discussions about the world we live in and explore the layers of complexity.

What is your greatest strength/weakness academically?

My greatest weakness is procrastination, and my greatest strength is the ability to combat that weakness.

Why did you choose to come to the FGS?

I choose to come to the FGS because it has more courses offered than my last school. The FGS offers AP courses in various categories which sparks my interest.

What activities are you involved in after school or outside school?

I am doing art as my fall co-curricular. I did sketching and I also tried acrylic painting for the first time. Moreover, I am applying for a job position as a medical scribe outside the school.

Jenny Shen

Can you please briefly introduce yourself?  

My name is Jenny. I’m from Beijing, China. I’m 17 years old and I’m four years senior at the FGS. I like swimming, playing piano, traveling, cooking, and painting.

What was your favorite class this year? Why?

My favorite class this year is AP Literature. I love Mr. Martin, he’s very passionate about teaching. He gives a lot of critical advice on how to improve my writing and reading interpretations. We also read some interesting novels and plays this year so far like Hamlet, and the Wide Sargasso Sea.

Who has been a role model for you?

My role model for life is probably my grandma because she taught me how to learn to be myself, how to be independent, and how to live my life freely. 

What is your greatest strength/weakness academically?

Academically I think my greatest strength is that I’m a perfectionist. I’m always striving for that100%. I tried my best to prepare for the exam so I could get the best score I could, and revise my essays six times to make sure they are perfect.  I think I am also good at time management and I always have this daily schedule in my head about what I need to do and make sure to finish each one of them by the end of the day. My weakness is also being a perfectionist. Because I’m always trying to do everything perfectly but it’s never possible so I get really frustrated and stressed about lots of things…

Why did you choose to come to the FGS?

I chose to come to the FGS because of the atmosphere of the school. 

People here are really friendly. When I visit the school, all the admission officers are super nice.

Mrs. Ince is the best!

What activities are you involved in after school or outside school?

I am a head tour guide this year. I became a part of the tour guide program starting my sophomore year because I like to talk to people and I think it’s really interesting to get to know people from different places with different backgrounds. And I’m also one of the leaders of the Asian Student Association and we strive to create a home-like atmosphere for all Asian students.  I’m also in artistry and technique because I’m a visual art major and it’s my passion for life. I do a lot of artwork like self-portrait paintings, watercolors, and drawings. Some of them are at the school’s student exhibitions.

Tell me about a personal achievement that makes you proud.

Selected as a top scholar this year!!!

Can you share some fun facts about yourself?

-Never been to Europe 

-Hate seafood

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