The Dining Hall Experience

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by Maisie Samuels ’23

School meals don’t have the best connotations in high schools. We can all imagine the lunch lady, serving us a brown sloppy mess they claim to be chili, filling up the hallways with its stench. Although that might be the stereotypical school lunch, let’s see if Gunn manages to prove it false.

Having to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week at a boarding school, you can imagine the kitchen staff have a lot on their hands. That being said, having one option at meal times isn’t practical knowing that not everyone will enjoy it. The dining hall definitely overcame that obstacle. Not only do they offer two different hot meals, but they also make cereal, toast, bagels, soups, and a build-your-own sandwich bar available to the campus during mealtimes. 

Caroline Marich stated that her favorite meal served in the dining hall was “quesadillas and caesar salad”. When discussing the variety of foods accessible on campus she said, “I think there’s a fair amount of options, however I would appreciate it if there was somewhere we could get food from at any time”.  Since the dining hall is only open at certain times, getting hungry throughout the day can be difficult. With busy schedules, it can be easy to miss a meal or lose track of time. On the other hand, boarders are allowed to bring food from home to keep in their dorms and there are multiple vending machines located around our campus. 

The dining hall is also a space that is used for socializing. Between students and faculty, close bonds are made daily. The Frederick Gunn School does an amazing job of making sure that our community engages over meal times. It is suggested that phones and headphones are put away, allowing people to embrace their surroundings. Martha Ewing, a freshman at Gunn, stated that lunch “is a time to connect with friends during a busy school day”. 

Overall, it is clear to see that Gunn provides a friendly environment within the dining hall. Mealtimes are a highlight of everyone’s day, not only because of the delicious food served, but because of the community that comes together to enjoy it.

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