The Gym Life of a Female Ice Hockey Player

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By Megan Sladish ’25

The Emerson Fitness Center is home to many young students, athletes, and teachers. This well-used community space allows for growth and development in many different areas. The Emerson Fitness Center was finished in April 2020. Since then, it has been a place for a diverse group of people to share a common interest and goal. In the end, it is not just a place to hang out, it’s a place to achieve, motivate, and conquer. The grit and hard work found in the gym cannot be taught, it is what comes from within you when you are said to be off the clock. 

Access to the gym at any time of the day, such as early in the morning or late in the evening, is a great aspect and reward of Gunn life. As an ice hockey player, I have asked a group of hockey players their opinions on the gym and why they go at the time they do. With most responses, I find that it is just about finding the right time that works for you and fits your schedule.  

I first interviewed Jo Wimler, asking for her opinions on the gym. Jo Wimler is a returning student taking on junior year while going to the gym in the mornings. She is one of the hardest working people and while she loves going to the gym to body build. It is also an important part of the day as an athlete, to train for her sport of ice hockey. The gym provides a space where she can be supported as an athlete, training off the ice, and where teammates can go to build team culture. Jo wimler states, “The gym for me is a special place because as an individual I’ve become very engulfed in female bodybuilding and creating an aesthetic physique for myself muscularly. For me the gym isn’t to lose weight like the stereotype might imply but it is where I can build muscle and confidence in myself.” As seen here, Jo has been consistently training to get stronger and build up a system for other females to hopefully follow in her footsteps. Jo wimler also states, “The gym gives me a place where I can be consistent, where I can find a habitual theme in my life and where I can go to release any sort of tension I may be holding. It isn’t as common for females to train for bodybuilding, and I am grateful for the fact that I get to push those boundaries in the gym, to switch up the stereotypes and be a strong, awesome woman who is always working hard and holding myself accountable in my workouts.” With such an inspiration from a student athlete, I think everyone should be motivated to try something you may be uncomfortable with, which may or may not be the gym. It’s about finding the right fit for you. 

As another person who goes to the gym in the morning, I interviewed Skyler Toffolo. Skyler has attended the Frederick Gunn School for her freshman year and is now a sophomore. In addition to ice hockey, Skyler has picked up the sport of field hockey for the first time and is a valuable asset for both varsity and JV. Skyler likes going to the gym in the morning as it’s a great way to start the day before classes. She even states, “It’s always quiet in the morning and you might have the chance to see a really good sunrise.” If I were you, that once and a while sunrise might just be the reason to join the morning crew at the gym. Be a force and build our gym community. 

For the evening crew at the gym, I first interviewed Sophia Nower. Sophia is a new junior on campus and new to the Gunn life and community. Along with playing ice hockey, she is a member of the girls varsity field hockey team in the fall. Sophia is a regular in the evening gym hours, putting in work outside of sports. Sophia likes going to the gym in the evenings as she believes there are less people there and she doesn’t have to wake up early to get a workout in before classes start. Sophia states, “Sometimes the gym environment can be stressful with too many people but I love it and there is never any judgment. It’s really a great space.” 

As another person who works out in the evening, I interviewed Isabel Junkin. Isabel is a new sophomore here at the Frederick Gunn School. In the fall she is an asset on the crew team in addition to playing ice hockey. Isabel likes going to the gym in the evenings with Sophia as she is able to be more productive during the school day and doesn’t have to wake up at 5:45 am. In addition she believes that there aren’t a ton of people which makes it easier to get a workout in. Isabel also adds, “I go to the gym so that I can get stronger and continue to grow. The gym makes me feel good.” So if you are a new student here, I would recommend trying the gym out once or twice. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it!

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