Carlos Alcaraz Wins!

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By Peter Murphy ’24

Last night, a stunning performance by Carlos Alcaraz was done as he beat world number five Casper Ruud in a gritty battle for the US Open Championship title! Fans were screaming, tears were shed, and most importantly, phenomenal tennis was played under Arthur Ashe Stadium. The stadium was packed to the teeth, with many famous celebrities showing up. Some of these celebrities included Rick Astley, Devin Booker, and Kylie Jenner. Everyone in the stadium was enjoying the match. Some more difficult shots were hit, and two of the shots made the crowd go bananas!

At the beginning of the match, Casper Ruud lost 6-4, in a set that would set the tone for the games that were ahead. In the second set, Casper Ruud returned with force as he took the second set 6-2.  In the third set, things started to get tense, as the set went into a tiebreaker that Alcaraz would ultimately win 7-6. The third set was a fan favorite for most viewers because of the famous “tweener shot,” that was hit by Casper Rood, and the powerful overhands both players were hitting.  In the last set, Alcaraz and Rood would go back and forth in games. This would end with Alcaraz gaining the lead in the third game and taking off with it, winning the US Open Championship.

After the last point of the last set, Alcaraz flopped to the floor and cried tears of joy. He immediately ran up to his box of family members and coaches. He was followed with pats on the back and high-fives from fans. Alcaraz’s box was ecstatic as they jumped and hooted for their victory. As Alcaraz was interviewed and awarded his trophy, he was on cloud nine. Casper Ruud showed resilience in his manners as he stood on the finalists’ part of the stage and was interviewed about an amazing match. Alcaraz showed tremendous sportsmanship to Casper Ruud and held the US Open cup with pride.  

The last game of the nail-biting set was quietly played. Fans were urged to jump out of their seats to see Carloz Alcaraz win. What makes Alcaraz’s win so special is that he is only 19 years old. For someone this young, in this era of tennis, winning a grand slam is incredible. It really shows that no matter what age you are, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Alcaraz is an inspiration to all.

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