What is Mr. Fisher’s Gunn Society?

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By Joe Shaker ’24

Mr. Fisher is the man who runs and directs Gunn Society, but before his time as an educator and pizza lover, he was a student of The Gunnery (now The Frederick Gunn School). But what is Gunn Society?  What does it do for the school? What does any of this have to do with pizza? 

Though Mr. Fisher is a member of Gunn Society, a group dedicated to raising money for the school, students rarely see him around campus. According to his contact card on Highlander Nation, he is the Associate Director of the 1850 Fund, which means he isn’t actually a teacher but still a part of the school. The 1850 Fund is a student and teacher led program that interacts with past alumni and tries to make them feel a part of the school again, whether it be giving them a phone call or just inviting them to school events. Mr. Fisher gets to keep in touch with people he went to school with, all the while keeping an eye on the current classes. 

Gunn Society recruits the help of current juniors and seniors to educate the student body about alumni giving. The positions include two class representatives for each grade, one secrater, two presidents, two vice presidents and two social media communicators. Gunn Society members plan their senior class gift campaign in conjunction with I Heart Fred fund raising campaign. Over social media, the reps promote the I Heart Fred challenges, encourage fundraising from classmates, assist with School Walk and phone-a-thons, and collaborate on Alumni Career Day. Each student is selected for their position based on an interview held by Mr. Fisher, and is paired with a partner who will help them communicate with the rest of Gunn Society. 

Last year Gunn society broke the record for the most amount of money raised and this year, they hope to top that by uniting the community even more. The current members are excited to work with Mr. Fisher and look forward to another successful campaign.

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