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Young Thug and Gunna Arrested

By Peter Murphy ’24

Over two weeks ago, famous rappers Young Thug (AKA Jeffery Lamar Williams) and Gunna (Sergio Kitchens) were taken into custody by the Atlanta police in Georgia’s Fulton County Jail. They supposedly have over 80 pages of evidence against  Young Thug who is facing seven different felony charges of distributing drugs and possessing weapons. Gunna is also facing a single charge of RICO charges, which is an abbreviation for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. This is another way of saying Gunna was possibly a part of organized crime. Both rappers applied for bail but were both promptly denied. 

In these cases, both Gunna and Young Thug will most likely have their very own rap lyrics used to put them away. Using artists’ lyrics in court has become undoubtedly extremely controversial over the past weeks. It is seen as unreasonable and has many people on the internet against the idea. The lyrics that will presumptuously be used against Young Thug made in 2018 with lyrics that go by, “I never killed anybody but I got something to do with that body,” and “I told them to shoot hundred rounds.” Different people in the court believe that although they respect the first amendment of free speech, the lyrics are closely specific to some of the crimes Young Thug is being charged with.

The state of New York has approved the restriction of using rap lyrics in the courtroom. Other states will possibly follow up with this idea, because of the Young Thug and Gunna case. Many people continue to wonder what will happen to these two very famous rappers and as the story continues to unfold, it only seems more is going to be uncovered within the court.

Photo curtsey pitchfork.com

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