The Washington Experience

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By Hadley Nussbaum ’24

  Washington, Connecticut is a small rural town in Litchfield County.  It is known for its historic architecture, quaintness, and the Frederick Gunn School.  There are very few things to do or places to go, but it is still a well liked place.  

The population of this town is under 4,000. The Washington Depot is the neighborhood in Washington with a few good restaurants and stores. There is also a forest called Steep Rock nearby where people go on hikes, camping trips, scenic walks/runs, etc.  The Po is a popular cafe down the street from the Frederick Gunn School that many students, faculty, and locals go to on a daily basis.  

I asked students/faculty around campus at The Frederick Gunn School what they love about this town.  I first interviewed Mairin Hoffman, a freshman at the FGS school and asked her what her favorite thing to do is in Washington.  “My favorite activity is going to Lake Waramaug” Hoffman said.  Lake Waramaug is a 635 acre beautiful lake. You can kayak, paddle board, swim, and more. One of the main events that occurs at Lake Waramaug is crew. Students from FGS that row go to Lake Waramaug everyday in the fall/spring. Mairin is on the crew team and loves going out on the water and being at the lake. But, Mairin’s favorite part about Lake Waramaug is not crew.  Mairin said “I love driving around the lake with my mom to look at the water and talk about life.” Lake Waramaug is a safe place for Mairin and I’m sure many others.

     Then, I interviewed Mr. McMann, a teacher at the FGS school. Mr. McMann said his favorite thing to do in Washington is ride his bike in Steep Rock with his son Ben. Steep Rock is a preserve that is nearly 1,000 acres with many biking trails, rivers, tunnels, and more. It is an incredible scene to ride your bike through and a great family activity. Not only is Mr.McMann getting his exercise in, but also spending quality time with his son.

     Sure, there’s not many fun things to do in this small town.  I never really appreciated what Washington, CT had to offer besides the great school I attend.  But after interviewing Mairin Hoffman and Mr.Mcmann, I realized that there’s more to Washington.  The memories that are made in these places are what is important.  Some people might find going to the lake, or going on a bike ride boring, and find this town boring.  Many students at this school can agree with me that Washington is not our favorite place in the world.  But my perspective on this town has changed, and I’m hoping to change others too.

Photo Curtesy of Steep Rock Association

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