The New World: Virtual Reality Metaverse

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By Cael Dolph ’23 & Aiden Lindley ’22

The Oculus Quest 2 is a Virtual Reality Console developed in 2020 by Facebook developers. There are more than 200 games that players can choose to play ranging from sports to full social experiences designed to connect players virtually to whoever they want. People also use the oculus to browse the internet, watch videos, go on virtual vacations, watch live events, and even work from home. Possibilities are endless in this fully immersive, Virtual Reality experience called the “Metaverse.” 

We had one of our very own coaches try out an Oculus and let’s just say it was comical. While we were sitting in our golf class brainstorming ideas for the rainy day, eventually, we decided we would try out a virtual round. Coach McMann put on the hardware, and we got to watch him tee off at Valhalla Golf Club, in Louisville, Kentucky. He might have missed the ball a few times, but when he finally connected with the ball the way he wanted to, he instantly fell in love. With the course having trees and rocks all around it, McMann’s skills were put to the test as the first hole required a straight tee shot approaching a very narrow fairway and a small, turbulent green. After a few missed putts, Coach McMann scored an 11. Not a great start to his first digital 18 hole excursion. 

Oculus also has another universe that they are exploring. This is telling us that in the universe there are people living, buying homes, working, selling goods, going on about their daily life and they are kind of living in a different world that is in the metaverse. Oftentimes it is said that this new “world” is fake, or even dangerous, but others believe this new world is going to become the new internet. People used to believe that buying clothes online was crazy, but especially after COVID, online retail shopping has increased substantially. Imagine this new Oculus world becoming similar to online shopping, but with virtual property and everyday used items. 

This new “Metaverse” has thousands of possibilities that are yet to be developed and explored. Property management, online trading, live concerts and events, and even virtual sports are all available with a touch on the Oculus Quest 2. Maybe one day there will be options for users to live their everyday lives within this virtual world. For just $299, you too can experience these new and amazing Virtual Reality “Metaverse.”

Photo Curtesy by Aiden Lindley ’22

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