How to Pick a Good Schedule

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by Clara Prander ’22

The hard task that so many underclassmen wonder about: How do you pick a good schedule? What classes will fit well together and what do I pick without having too much work on my shoulders? Fear no more because I’m here to help! 

Being a Senior, I would like to think of myself as fairly good at picking a schedule that will give me just the right amount of stress and relaxation. Although that might not be the case everyday, at least I tried to pick a somewhat good schedule. There are a lot of factors weighing in with what classes to take, what you want to study in college, not having too much work, etc. Well, here’s my tips:

First of all, I would start with thinking about what classes you’ve actually enjoyed in the past. Did you love physics or a certain language? Then continue down that path and choose a more advanced level of your favorite subject. If you enjoyed the first level of, for example, physics, then it’s very likely that you will at least enjoy the harder one a little more. It’s also a tactic for college to continue down one path and figure out what you like to study so you’re more prepared.

Needless to say, I think it’s important to mix serious classes with fun! Even if it’s important to think about college and preparing for your future, it won’t be sustainable without some classes that are fun and less serious. Take an art class or a filmmaking class or something else you would like to try. It will help you get through your day easier if there’s a class that gives you a break from having to think as much. When I say a class that is fun, it doesn’t necessarily mean an artistic class either. I took Engineering because I thought that it sounded interesting. It’s a class that doesn’t have the normal writing and reading aspect to it but it gives a really nice break in my day where I don’t have to pay attention to these types of things. 

We’ve all been there, stressing over our Honors or AP classes. Personally, I think it’s good to take these types of harder classes, but with that said, don’t take too many hard classes. A schedule with only these types of classes will be very hard to get through. If you’re not some type of genius, it’s going to take a lot of homework hours and hard work to perform well in all of these at once. If you challenge yourself with harder classes, it probably will pay off in the long run. You’ll grow from these harder tasks and It’ll benefit you later. Although this might not be for every subject because if it’s something you really hate, then taking an AP in that might not be the best.

In the end, I think it all comes down to picking the classes that you think are fun or serious but then of course also take the ones that are required, duh. Try classes that you think will be interesting, if after a week or two you don’t think that it’s for you,you can probably change. Pay attention to when the drop and add deadline is and you’ll be all good. Try to also incorporate free blocks into your day where you can have a breather, so don’t maximize your classes just because. Hopefully these were some helpful tips, and if you’re unsure about what classes to take just go off what you’re interested in. 

Good luck!

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