Should You ask your Crush out for Valentine’s Day

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By Doctor Love

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the one question that everyone is wondering about is whether or not they should ask their crush out. The daring move that so few of us actually do. What are the pros and cons? What should we do if we are rejected?  Well, here you’ll find some answers. Let’s start with the pros. It could be a pleasant surprise, just as it will be if your crush actually says yes to you. 

Pro #1 – While there is a big risk of asking your crush out, there are also rewards to it. What if they actually say yes? Contrary to popular belief, it happens! If your crush agrees on a date, you’ve gotten the best outcome. If you’ve never had the courage to ask them out, you will never know the outcome. Then, all you have to look forward to is getting ready for the date. 

Pro #2 – Another reason to ask your crush out is simply as a confidence booster. After you’ve asked them, you will feel like you can conquer anything. You will feel so good about yourself for being the bigger person and stepping up even though you were scared. 

On the other hand…The Cons: 

Con #1 – As it turns out, he wasn’t the man of your dreams. You took one for the team and asked them out. In turn, they were not what you expected. With this, you will have crushed your dreams. Maybe you ask them for a walk and as it turns out they’re a really slow walker. You just can’t handle slow walkers. Well, too bad for you. Not only have you had to be the one to ask them out, now you also have to turn them down. 

Con #2 – The worst of the worst happens and they reject you. It probably seems like your worst nightmare, and with good reason. It’s never fun to get rejected, but what it can mean in this situation is that you just weren’t made for eachother. If it was meant to be, it would be. Never take rejection too personally, it never means that you are a bad person and no one will ever want you, you just weren’t this person’s type.   

After you have gone through all of these pros and cons, there will need to be a decision to make. You can’t wait too long, since someone else might beat you to it. If the worst case scenario happens, your crush says no thank you and you’re embarrassed about yourself. “What to do now?”. Well, there are two common paths to take. You can lean in on that embarrassment and go into hibernation. You take out your favorite movie, eat some ice cream and just don’t leave your room for a couple of days. Sure, that might spare you of the embarrassment of seeing your crush around, but it’s also not the most fun way. The other option is to redeem yourself. Show that you don’t care about the rejection and pick yourself back up. Go out and take your self worth back. If it bothers you, just remember that no one will remember this in 20 years. 

Good luck and remember to take a risk!

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