Meet the 2021/22 Highlander Newspaper Staff

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By Clara Prander ’22

The Highlander Newspaper is back for yet another year! We are all  excited to start writing articles for the website, to publish our print edition, and to keep working on our Highlander News Network and podcast. This year is exciting because we are back in person! Everyone is eager to cover stories that happen both on our wonderful campus and outside in the world. 

Let’s introduce the team!

Mr. McMann – Washington, CT

Mr. McMann wanted to bring the Newspaper under the umbrella for the Center of Citizenship and Democracy. He wants to teach the students the importance of journalistic integrity and the important role media plays in our country. He also wants to make it fun and exciting by instituting a new podcast and Highlander News Network. With these we will broadcast and tell stories about the school and the students to our community during school meetings. He is excited to work with Ian Speliotis, and thinks Mr. Speliotis’s youthful energy and bright smile will help his aging 41-year-old self. It is Mr. McMann’s  11th year on campus, and he lives in Whitelsee House with his wife, a graduate of the school & director of College Counseling.

Mr. Speliotis – Westford, Massachusetts

This is Mr. Speliotis’s first year here at The Frederick Gunn School and therefore also his first year at the Newspaper. He lives in Memorial Dorm on Campus. He wants to work with the newspaper to encourage students to write creatively as well as follow stories that interest them, and develop opinions about those stories. He is really excited about the Highlander News Network and looks to help every writer expand to their fullest potential while here. 

Maram Sharif – Manama, Bahrain 

Maram is a senior and this is her second year here at the school. She is our Head of Media and is therefore in charge of our podcast. She likes to design and create. Maram is thrilled to take over the podcast and already has amazing ideas. In the afternoons, you can see her in the outdoor leadership team, basketball in the winter, and catch her on the tennis courts in the spring. Her favourite animal is the giraffe.

Clara Prander – Stockholm, Sweden

Clara is a second year senior at FGS as well as a Prefect. This is her second year with the newspaper. As a Editor-in- Chief of the paper she cannot wait to start writing and helping her peers get better. In the winter, Clara plays basketball and in the spring, you can spot her on the tennis courts. In her free time Clara likes to hangout with friends. Clara joined the newspaper because she likes to write and a goal of hers is for the newspaper to reach into every aspect of the community. Clara also loves giraffes. 

Bridie Strowe – Chicago/ Philadelphia

Bridie is a sophomore and this is her first year in our community. Bridie is rowing crew this year. In her free time, she likes to play piano and to write. She found both of these passions during quarantine. She joined the newspaper because she thinks journalism is cool and it gave her an opportunity to write about topics that interest her. She wants to learn and share. Her favourite donut flavor is old fashioned.

Erin Whitney- Delaware

Erin is a sophomore who joined the newspaper in the winter last year. She is the assitant editor of the paper and is really excited to help everyone improve as well as improve her own writing skills. During the fall and spring you can find Erin rowing crew. In the winter Erin plays basketball. She likes to listen to music and play the guitar and the ukulele in her free time.

Bobby Liberatos – Kenilworth

Bobby is a new sophomore at FGS. He is from Kenilworth, New Jersey. He runs cross country and does Model UN. In his freetime Bobby likes to read and also visit new places. Bobby joined the class because he thinks it is a good opportunity to get to know more about the community. At the same time he looks forward to improving his writing. Bobby’s favourite animal is elephants.

Avery Warren –  Westchester, New York

Avery just joined the Newspaper this term and we’re so excited to have him with us. He is a second year sophomore. In the afternoons you can find Avery in the Artistry and technique program. During his free time Avery likes to spend time with his friends and accompany them on walks. He joined the newspaper because it is a good outlet to express his opinions and thoughts. If he was an animal he would be a bird (Specifically, one that could fly.)

Sam Williams – Guilford, Connecticut

Sam is a two-year sophomore and he first joined the newspaper last spring. We are so excited that he is back for another year. In the spring Sam rows crew, and in the winter he plays basketball. The reason he joined the newspaper last year was because it sounded fun, and then he liked it so much that he came back for yet another year. Sam spends his free time with his friends. Sam’s favourite donut flavor is Boston Cream. 

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