International Students’ Guide to the Universe

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by Clara Prander ’22

During this pandemic I am sure a lot of us are dreaming about going traveling again. Because of this we decided to give some tips on where you should travel when everything opens up again. The student body of FGS features a lot of international students, approximately seventeen countries. This is something that adds beauty to our school, but also brings diversity and different views into our community. Because of that we asked some students from different countries to tell us about a place they would like to feature from their home country. So these are the places that, according to the students at FGS, you should visit if you go to their country;

From Bahrain we have Maram Sharif ’22 who recommended us this;

“You should take this Mangroves tour in Tubli Bay because it is simply the perfect scenic trip! All you have to do is go to Sitra Park, purchase a ticket, and enjoy this unforgettable experience. The best time would be going around sunset because that is when you can guarantee to encounter breathtaking and picturesque scenery. “

Image via Maram Sharif

Our next student Grace Noh ’22 from South Korea is telling us to go here:   

“This is Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea. This beautiful village is not only a popular landmark that is full of traditional Korean houses, called Hanok, but also an actual neighborhood where people live. It is a very traditional village that has been preserved for approximately 600 years! It is a very cool place to visit because you can explore what lifestyles Koreans had 600 years ago, see the contrasting image of a traditional preserve in a metropolitan city, and eat some amazing street food!”

Image via

From Nigeria, we have Winifred Ezenwata ’22 with her recommendation:

“I would recommend visiting the Obudu mountain resort.  It’s a ranch and resort located in Obudu, Cross River State. It was explored and developed by a Scot rancher Mr.McCaughley in 1951. I would recommend visiting, because from personal experience it was really fun. You could go by air but the drive is worth it. There’s a waterpark at the base of the mountain and different kinds of old huts for guests, there is also a canopy walk and a lot of nature to take in.”

Image sent by Winifred Ezenwata

When going to my home country, Sweden, this is my recommendation;

“A place, or rather places, to visit when going to Sweden is the Stockholm Archipelago. The archipelago is made out of a lot of small islands, and are only a 10-minute boat ride away from Stockholm. When going there you can either stay on one island or go between multiple, which I recommend. There are also a lot of cute cafes so you should denefitly stay for lunch or just coffee while enjoying the views. It’s the most beautiful place and if possible you should go in the afternoon and then stay for the sunset.” 

Image via Getty Images

Hopefully this gave you some tips on where you should travel next or some new countries to explore. As I mentioned before, FGS are really fortunate to have students from all over the world on our campus and them being able to share these places with us. I think that all these places seem absolutely amazing to visit and would personally love to go when given the chance.

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