Campus Vaccinations

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by Clara Prander ’22

Despite there being uncertainty about whether or not the school would provide an opportunity for the students to get vaccinated, it did happen. On Sunday the 18th of April the school took a couple of buses and drove over to the Danbury Mall to get the students vaccinated. Since the age for getting vaccinated is 16 and over and it was optional, everyone didn’t go. In total there were four buses of students going, and the vaccine received was Pfizer.  

We asked some students about what their experiences were and how they felt afterward; 

Erin Ryan ‘21 said;

“My experience was really pleasant! The process was quick and easy since the shot only took about .2 seconds and didn’t hurt at all. I did experience some side effects like nausea, fatigue and a headache the day after, but other than that it was good. I am very happy that I was able to get the vaccine and I am excited to receive my second shot.” 

Ben Constant- Galland ‘21 said:

“Mine was pretty simple. I never felt the needle go in my shoulder. After, my shoulder and armpit were sore for 2-3 days. Also, happy they went through everyone quickly as it lowered my stress level.”

Serdar Kaltalioglu ‘22 said: 

“My experience getting the vaccine went really well I think, my cohort traveled there together on Saturday. The people giving the shots were really nice and made sure everyone knew what was happening at any time. As for the shot itself, it didn’t hurt at all, and it was over really fast. Afterward everyone was swinging their arms around to make it less sore the next day.

The day after my arm felt a little sore right when I woke up, but that went away one or two hours after I was up. I didn’t have any other symptoms, like tiredness or a fever, I felt fine.”

Even though a handful of students got a less pleasant reaction to the shot, most didn’t feel more than their arm being sore. The day after everyone was going to classes as usual. It was very fortunate and exciting that the school was able to bring students to go and get vaccinated. 

On Sunday, May the 9th the school took us all to get our second dose of the vaccine. The procedure was very similar to the first one, if not smoother. We arrived at the Danbury Mall, got our shots and then were on our way back to campus again. We’re all very fortunate to have gotten the chance to get vaccinated, and the school did a great job organizing it. 

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