Coming Back to Campus

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by Lou-Victoria Etoundi Ntsama

As spring started, classes started again. Some students choose to stay remote while others decided to come back to campus. The reopening of our beautiful campus offers new opportunities for the students. Even though the first week of classes was completely virtual, everyone on campus is really excited for the in-person classes again. Our newspaper interviewed two seniors to learn more about their experiences on and off campus.

Interview with Olivia Grieder ‘21:

How do you feel about coming back to campus?

I’m really grateful to have the chance to be back on campus for the spring term.”

What did you miss the most about being on campus?

What I missed the most about being on campus was probably all the little day-to-day moments with my friends – like playing frisbee in the glade and spending time with my dorm.”

What do you expect from this last term?

This term I’m looking forward to experiencing my first spring at Gunn and will probably be spending a lot of time trying not to let the senioritis get to me.”

Interview with Erin Ryan ‘21:

How do you feel about coming back to campus?

“I feel very blessed and happy to be able to be on campus this semester.”

What did you miss the most about being on campus?

“When we were home I really missed seeing my friends and eating meals with them. I also missed the laughter we shared and all the memories we made. Being back on campus and seeing my friends has really made my senior year amazing.”

What do you expect from this last term

“This last term will be my last semester of high school and although bittersweet, I am excited to see what comes next but I am excited to finish out the year surrounded by those I love and care about. “

With the last term of the school year 2020-2021, a lot of students are excited to make new memories while at the same time respecting the guidelines.

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