Introduction to the 2020-21 Highlander Staff

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By Ava Lee ’21

This year, The Highlander Staff is excited to start writing articles for our website, print edition, and the first ever Highlander News Network. For the first time ever, the Highlander staff meets both in person and virtually. Even with the changes in our schedule, this year’s group looks forward to contributing articles concerning every matter!

Mr. McMann- 

Washington, CT

Mr. McMann is excited to lead the Highlander Newspaper this year. This is his 10th year teaching at the school and hopes to launch the new Highlander News Network in October with his two trusted editors. He lives with his wife Kate, son Benjamin, and cat Jinny in Whittlesey House on campus. He grew up in the Boston area and misses reading the Boston Globe sports page and eating Lucky Charms at the kitchen table.  If you are interested in becoming an investigative reporter who fights fake news and loves a good scoop, let him know!

Mr. Theobald-

New Castle, NH

This is Mr. Theobald’s twenty-third year teaching year at The Frederick Gunn School, but his first year teaching the newspaper. Mr. Theobald chose to teach newspaper this year because in his life he’s always seen great importance in newspapers. At Gunn, he sees it as a voice for the community so he was eager to start helping out. In his free time, Mr. Theobald fly-fishes, hikes, and takes his dog on walks with his wife, Mrs. Theobald. Mr. Theobald also plays the guitar, but only occasionally sings. An interesting fact about Mr. Theobald is that he was once involved with a campus band. Overall, Mr. Theobald will continue to encourage himself and others to put their lives in perspective and think deeply about others. 

Katherine Cortese- 

Kent, CT

Katherine Cortese is a four year senior here at FGS! Katherine joined the newspaper because she loves to write and wants to learn more about journalism. Katherine’s fall sport is field hockey. In the winter she manages girls’ varsity hockey, and in the spring she plays varsity lacrosse. Her favorite animal is a sloth because she finds them relatable. Katherine is very excited to start working on articles!

Lou Etoundi Ntsmama-


Lou is a senior at the Frederick Gunn School, and this is her second year writing for the Highlander Newspaper! Lou chose to write for the paper again because she really enjoyed the experience of interviewing people and the opportunity to share what she learns with the FGS community. In the fall Lou plays on the field hockey team and in the winter she plays basketball. Just a couple of Lou’s favorite activities are playing golf and watching anime. This year, Lou is very excited to expand her writing into new topics.

Bennett Lax-

New York, NY

Bennett Lax is a first year sophomore at The Frederick Gunn School. Bennett’s favorite sport is football, which he plays in the fall. In the winter he plays basketball. Bennett joined the newspaper because he enjoys writing and wants to have more time to do so. Some of Bennett’s favorite activities to do are hanging out with his friends, watching TV, and free writing. Bennett is eager to start writing for the paper so that he can learn about the process of working for a newspaper with other people. 

Ava Lee-

South Kent, CT

Ava Lee is a four-year senior and Head Tour Guide at The Frederick Gunn School. As a co-editor of the paper, Ava cannot wait to help expand the paper to become more of a part in everyone’s lives at FGS. In the fall and spring Ava is a coxswain for the boys’ crew Team, and in the winter she manages girls’ varsity hockey. Some of Ava’s favorite activities to do in her free time are listening to music and playing with her dogs. Her favorite animal is a dolphin because she feels she can relate to them. Ava’s goal for the year is to expand the newspaper to reach every aspect of the community.

Josh Novick- 

Long Island, NY

Josh Novick is a four year senior and Head Prefect at The Frederick Gunn School. In the fall, Josh runs cross country and plays lacrosse in the spring. Currently, Josh is in Gunn dormitory, Cohort 2. Josh enjoys reading, following the market, and being out on the ocean with friends. Josh came to FGS with his brother Zach Novick ‘18 during his last year. Josh joined the newspaper this year to share his curiosity with the school and gain a finer understanding in the art of journalism.

Clara Prander-

Stockholm, Sweden

Clara Prander is a first-year junior at Gunn. She plays soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter. Clara’s favorite activity is enjoying the best Swedish candy. Since being at FGS, Clara made friends with the girls in her dorm, Van Sindren. Her favorite class is French and her favorite place to hang out on campus is the quad. Clara joined the newspaper this year because she likes to write and wants to write about many different topics. 

Drew Sutherland-

Danbury, CT

Drew Sutherland is a co-editor of The Highlander and is the RA of Brinsmade dormitory. Drew joined the newspaper his junior year and loves being in a collaborative and professional environment. Drew’s favorite section of the paper to write for is “The Lowlander,” or his own column: “Drew’s Views.” He participates in the fall play and winter musical. In the spring, Drew plays ultimate frisbee. Drew enjoys singing Italian arias and German art songs, as well as telling bad jokes. Drew cannot wait to work with new ideas and students this year. 

Robin Wright-

Goshen, CT

Robin Wright is a second-year junior at The Frederick Gunn School and this is his first term in the newspaper. Robin joined the Highlander Newspaper to improve his writing skills. In the fall Robin does crew, in the winter he participates in Model U.N., and in the spring he plays lacrosse. Some of Robin’s favorite things are playing lacrosse, reading, watching movies, and the color green. His favorite course this year is his Essay and Critical Theory English course. Robin is delighted to be back on campus. 

Maggie Wu-

Shen Zhen, China

Maggie Wu is a third-year junior at FGS and she lives in Gibson dormitory, where she’s an RA of her cohort. Maggie joined the Highlander Newspaper because she wants time in her schedule to catch up on the news and report it to her peers. In her free time, Maggie enjoys watching historical TV shows and reading. In the fall and spring, Maggie does crew and in the winter she participates in Model UN. Maggie is very excited to be back on campus!

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