4 Helpful Tips for Distance Learning at The Gunnery

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By Ava Lee ’21

Over this past month, our minds and bodies have had to readjust to the new and unusual schedule. As boarding school students, we went from packed schedules to long days at home alone. Many people find themselves mentally struggling with the adjustments, but there are many things we can all do to help ourselves feel a little bit better!

1. Exercising your body in any form is important. 

A simple workout will make you happier, as the body increases endorphins while exercising. Ultimately, this improves your mood and relieves feelings of stress and anxiety. Although staying active while at home can be challenging, many exercise resources are now easier and cheaper to use. 

Some companies have offered or extended free trials on their websites so that people at home can try their programs out to learn what works. Peloton has extended its free trial to last 90 days, and many of the workouts on their website require no equipment at all. On their website there are videos on instructors leading workouts and meditations of all different difficulties; this is great for anyone trying something new! Forte Fit is another company with instructed workouts online. They are offering a 30-day free trial for anyone to try out their on-demand exercises. Planet Fitness is offering completely free in-home workouts for everyone who misses the gym. 

Another quick and easy option is to just browse YouTube to find the perfect workout.

These memberships and free trials are great, but a simple walk, run, or hike is great for the mind and body too. If you live in an area where you can exercise outside, the change of scenery and fresh air is healthy for the mind. After a long day of online classes, getting outside is especially important. 

2. While being on campus provides us with many meditation opportunities, we should do our best to keep up these practices remotely. 

There are many apps available that will help ease anxious feelings while at home. Headspace, Calm, and Insight are all great apps to consider if you want to add some time in your day to reset and relax.

3. Keeping your living and working space organized makes life much easier and it improves productivity. 

Some simple ways to make a working space more organized are, minimizing distractions, keeping a simple schedule or calendar nearby, and cleaning up space after classes or work each day. Since many students find doing homework from their houses difficult, try to work in different spaces to see which one is best. 

4. Another healthy habit to pick up is cooking. 

During quarantine, many people have started to cook more meals for themselves and try new foods. Keeping a healthy diet helps productivity and well-being. The extra energy from a healthy breakfast can go a long way for a day at home. 

Don’t forget to step back and focus on your wellbeing while in quarantine; checking in with yourself everyday can make a crucial difference in mental health.

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