A Glimpse at the School Walk from The Gunnery’s Archives

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By Jayla Stack ’21

Every year, the entire Gunnery community completes a hike called School Walk. This is a tradition that has been part of the school since 1861. 

At the start of this tradition in the 1860s, the School Walk was a 40-mile trek to Long Island Sound. It later evolved into a trip to the peak of Mt. Tom in Connecticut; now, the School Walk is an 8-mile hike from the Quad to the Peak of Steep Rock and back to campus.

In the 1860s the School Walk was a 10-day expedition. The boys traveled with wagon-like caravans similar to gypsies. This adventure prepared the boys of the Gunnery for serving in the army by camping and traveling, they also hunted and fished.

The following articles and photos come from the archives, and document the Gunnery’s long-standing tradition of the School Walk:

Article written by a Gunnery Student in 1899 documenting School Walk for the Stray Shot, The Gunnery’s old student publication.

Gunnery students in the 1950s next to the Connecticut River during their hike to Mt. Tom.

School Walk picnic in the 1960s.

Student article from the Stray Shot documents the School Walk in 1986.

Gunnery Students in the 1960s enjoying the view at the peak of Mt. Tom.

Gunnery Students in 2019 at the peak of Steep Rock (note how similar this is to the previous photo from the ‘60s)

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